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Senior researchers

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Dal Yong Jin

Distinguished Professor, Simon Fraser University

Global Professor in School of Media and

Communication, Korea University

Interests     Digital Platform, Globalization, Korean Wave

Degree        Ph.D.



Dal Yong Jin is a Distinguished SFU Professor and a Global Professor in the School of Media & Communication at Korea University. He completed his Ph.D. in the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois in 2005. Jin’s major research and teaching interests are on digital platforms and digital games, globalization and media, transnational cultural studies, and the political economy of media and culture. Jin has published numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters. His books include Korea’s Online Gaming Empire (2010), Digital Platforms, Imperialism and Political Culture (2015), New Korean Wave: transnational cultural power in the age of social media (2016), Smartland Korea: mobile communication, culture and society (2017), and Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Production: Critical Perspectives on Digital Platforms (2021). Jin has also published articles in scholarly journals, such as New Media and Society, The Information Society, Media, Culture and Society, and Information Communication and Society. He is the founding book series editor of Routledge Research in Digital Media and Culture in Asia. He has been directing The Transnational Culture and Digital Technology Lab since the summer of 2021.

Main research area

Korean digital platforms, innovation, OTT platforms


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