Research assistants


Youn Seok In

M.A. student in School of Media and Communication, Korea University

Interests  Entertainment Content,, New Media,

                 Technology Acceptance



I am interested in furthering my knowledge of media users’ behavioral patterns and psychological intentions. I studied short video platform users’ intention of continuous use by using ETAM in 2020. This research suggested strategic methods to heighten users’ satisfaction and attract potential users. I am currently researching how specific features of media platforms can influence users’ behaviors and intentions.


  1. 윤석인, 최세정 (2020, 8). 틱톡(TikTok) 플랫폼에 대한 태도와 지속 이용의도에 영향을 미치는 요인 연구: 플랫폼 특성, 개인적 특성, 사회적 특성 요인을 중심으로. 한국정보사회학회 · 한국미디어경영학회 2020 상반기 정기학술대회 자료집, 서울.