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Vision and Objectives of the CIS

Behind the expectation that intelligent information technology will improve the quality of life, there are also various social problems and concerns over uncertainties caused by social changes. In order to create new social opportunities based on intelligent information technology and strive for future development, it is vital to respond to such problems caused by information technology.


The Center for Intelligent Information Technology and Social Affairs has been conducting research on solving social problems caused by Machine-to-machine, Internet of Things, and intelligent information technology for 4 years with support from Korea Research Foundation. Based on accumulated knowledge and experience, the Center for Research on Intelligent Information Technology and Social Affairs aims to contribute to enhanced understanding on social impacts caused by intelligent information technology.

​People and Research

 Understanding the social impacts of intelligent information technology and the applications to solving social concerns is a highly complex task; therefore, academic research based on various perspectives is necessary. The Center for Research on Intelligent Information Technology and Social Affairs is optimized for conducting integrated studies among researchers from diverse fields.


The research center conducts research called 'Impact of Intelligent Information Technology and Social Response' through three detailed research tasks: 'Intelligent Information Technology and Changes in Daily Life', 'Intelligent Information Technology and Changes in Society', and 'Plan for Intelligent Information Society'. 

​Competitiveness of CIS

We are a global convergence research center

that serves as a hub of connectivity based on collaboration with the government, as well as domestic and foreign research institutes.

The research center contributes in various ways, such as acting as a communication hub for domestic researchers and  social institutions, strengthening overseas research cooperation and communication among overseas private sectors. In particular, the research center plays a role as a research hub for Asian Social Science and ICT by leading the exchange between social technology research institutes in Asia.


In Korea, we are planning for a joint research with leading research institutes such as Korea Information Society Development Institute and Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, while actively cooperating with government-related organizations (Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Communications Commission).


We are working closely with overseas researchers and research institutes. Overseas networks established through two international academic conferences such as International Media Management Academic Association(IMMAA) and International Telecommunications Society(ITS) have secured the center's competitiveness in promoting international joint research. In addition, the research director is currently an associate editor of Telecommunications Policy and director of the ITS Society. In addition, CIS boosts research cooperation with overseas research institutes including Quello Center for Telecommunication Management &Law at Michigan State University in USA, Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies at Aalborg University in Denmark, and Institute for Digital Society at Waseda University in Japan.

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